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Lans Holdings, Inc. (LAHO)- (The Company) is pleased to share more industry news from a mobile perspective.

As the mobile payments industry continues to grow dramatically, retailers are looking for any way they can to entice customers to buy. Shoppers today have less time, are becoming more price-conscious, and have access to more information than ever before - and that's changing their buying behavior.

According to Contact Solutions 30 percent of shoppers shop on a mobile device at least as much as they shop on a computer. An increasing amount of shoppers are shifting their online purchases from the web to smart-phones and tablets so they can shop while on the go. In fact, one out of every 10 shoppers prefer mobile apps exclusively for their online shopping ability. Mobile shopping has officially arrived and with mobile payment options like Apple Pay now available and with 30% of r shoppers going online to shop, the sales potential is huge. However this method of shopping is not without its problems also - customer care is lacking in most mobile shopping apps and consumers aren't happy about it.

A recent study done by Contact solutions has shown that one in six consumers struggle with mobile shopping apps at least half the time, and 38 percent of respondents said they are disappointed with the inability to get help in a mobile app. This typically translates into cancelled sales as consumers have very high expectations for what sort of care they want when shopping on their mobile devices. More than half of shoppers will abandon their carts and close the app when they struggle, causing lost potential revenue for retailers. A surprising 20 percent of shoppers will stop using that particular app entirely. As if these figures weren't scary enough, 55 percent of consumers say they struggle at least 20 percent of the time. These figures are much too high if companies are hoping to increase sales and make their mobile apps worth their while.

No matter how enticing mobile payments, and shopping, may be, there is an enormous dissatisfaction with mobile apps among consumers. If retailers fail to address this problem, their revenue growth will be inhibited and customer loyalty will dwindle. Conversely, for retailers who solve the problem, consumers indicate a strong willingness to reward them with more purchases and stronger loyalty. In fact, consumers will repeat business if they have a positive customer experience. More than 95 percent of shoppers said a seamless experience within an app would make more likely to do business with a company again and 77 percent of consumers will be more likely to return to that specific app.

In-app customer care can provide customized solutions for consumers in a variety of ways, and also help your service representatives. It can provide access to previous customer service interactions, which saves your customer from having to repeat him/herself, give your representatives background on a particular customer, and give everyone a full view of past buying experiences. Helping customers feel supported in such a way will lead to a 92 percent increase in likelihood of consumers to make purchases. According to ComScore When shoppers struggle within an app, revenue growth and brand loyalty are weakened. When shoppers turn away or abandon your app in frustration, no one wins.

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