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Secure and Compliant Solutions
To Payment Fraud & Identity Theft

Android Pay
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Lack of Security and Compliance In Many

of the businesses you trust day-to-day, is a global problem.


Reported cases of data security breaches
from 2005 - MARCH 2015


Million identity records stolen from security breaches


% of US companies have experienced a data breach in the past year

$ 375

Billion annual cost to the global economy

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Adoption of EMV at the point of sale is the strongest defense against counterfeit cards

David Robertson, Publisher of The Nilson Report
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of all the payment card breaches their forensics team has investigated over the last 10 years, not a single organization was found to have been PCI DSS compliant at the time of the breach

Verizon 2015 PCI Compliance Report
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Professional thieves don't have a particular bias for a given industry, they tend to 'follow the money,' deliberately exploiting gaps in the system to perpetrate fraud and hide their tracks.

John Lorimer, VP-LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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We build solutions and partnerships that transform brands that
grow businesses, using effective technology and innovative ideas.

We're Creative
Afforabe Innovation

We push the limits of creativity so you don't have to. We maintain a fresh looking product, that's easy to use.

We're Focused
Encrypted. Secure. Platform.

Our clients do what they do best, SELL! We do what we do best, deliver security consistently.

We're Committed
Passionate. Driven. Disciplined.

We take pride in our customer support response time. Our systems work so well our staff and customers rest easy!

We're Responsive
We Operate 24/7

We’re dedicated to communication. Our systems and services run all day and night, as do we!

We're Cloud-based
Available When You Want Us

Cloud-based, is 95% cloud, and 5% "there". What that means is our apps and solutions are delivered from the cloud to YOU.

We're Compliant
Policy, Practice, Proof

We don't just follow best practices we set the bar higher to achieve compliance for all industry regulations.

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Worldwide Growth

The global mobile payment transaction market will be worth an estimated US$2.9 Trillion by 2020, up from US$392 Billion in 2014, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.2%, Future Market Insights has revealed.

Lans Holdings, Inc. provides turnkey secure and complaint solutions to empower the emerging segments of the "AS A SERVICE" business models.

"AS A SERVICE" is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of our clients installing and maintaining software, infrastructure and human resources. Our solutions are deliverd over the Internet, freeing them from complex software and hardware management.

Secure Payment as a Service

$ 2.9 Trillion

Software as a Service

$ 112 Billion

Infrastructure as a Service

$ 56 Billion

Platform as a Service

$ 7.5 Billion

Business Process as a Service

$ 7 Billion

What we offer...

Diverse solutions that solve complicated problems for businesses to transact data securely.


EMV Ready | Cross Border Enabled [ Check It Out! ]

Your control panel to manage Retail, Mobile and eCommerce merchants, developers and distributors servicing any vertical market and industry with ease.


End to End Prosperity [ Get Engaged! ]

Your adaptive and distributor focused payment solution that maximizes your prosperity.

Introducing IoD

Infrastructure On Demand [ Get Compliant ]

Add security and redundancy to your network with a "Pay-Per-Use" compliant ready hosted solutions.

Fractional I.T. Services

Outsourced Managed Services [ Learn More ]

Outsource custom development work, data backup, recovery, storage, security, service performance monitoring, support resources & other day to day IT maintenance tasks.

About Lans Holdings Inc.

Lans Holdings provides white label solutions for commerce and communication service providers to enable business to consumer and business to business secure transactions through physical point-of-sale, mobile devices, online and software integrations.

We are focused to provide reliable, secure solutions that motivate and reward our partners to "migrate to the cloud" using our cost-effective infrastructure, platforms and services.

MISSION - To Create a Competitive Advantage for our Customers by Improving Security, Revenue, and Scalability
VISION - Be the TECH Leader in Solutions for Secure Transaction Platforms by Providing Breakthrough Technology

What We Do

We provide a secure, multi channel platform with a creative touch.

Industry segments including Retail | Restaurant | eCommerce| Mail & Telephone Order | Unattended

what you need, when you need it!

We provide a variety of payment solutions for your business. Start with the base virtual terminal and add the features you need. See for yourself what Payment-Engine has to offer your clients.

smart coding, not hard coding

Our focus is to provide our partners a resource for developers and integrators, built by developers and integrators. See for yourself what PaymentSandBox has to offer your developers.

cloud delivered commerce

From small to enterprise level retail shops, to chains of restaurants who require or desire integrated eCommerce, Paysperity provides all of the tools you need to manage your business.

Road Map
Execute Your Plan

We can assist you to "fast-track" your plan for migrating client POS systems to EMV, and eCommerce processing solutions to use Tokenization.

Customer Support
Responsive and Aware

We stand behind our platform! From managing our network operations center, to supporting developers our global support center is available 24/7. Email, skype or call

Accelerate your business
Faster than Light

Leverage our infrastructure and platforms on demand that are easier to manage and effortlessly scalable, so you focus less on maintenance and more time driving revenue and business growth.

Corporate Governence

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